Online platforms: A more sustainable approach to recruitment and job seeking

Online recruitment methods and tools have increased the opportunities and options that we have in recruitment, however, some businesses are still holding on to traditional recruitment methods.


By Dané Viljoen on Wed Apr 19 2023

There is a twofold issue in traditional recruitment within the digital age: South African job seekers that need to comply to a conventional job application route are faced with increased job seeking costs and accessibility issues. Businesses implementing traditional recruitment are overspending on a process that could lead to less than optimal results.

Online versus traditional recruitment

Understanding what online recruitment and traditional recruitment entail, as well as their restrictions and possibilities, is necessary to the larger argument of social responsibility.

Traditional recruitment

Traditional recruitment mostly relies on input from the job seeker side: Creating, and printing a paper CV, taking transport to drop off a physical CV and making sure their application is in line with a company’s hiring timeline.

Smaller technological progression to email CV submissions has taken some of the financial pressure off the job seeker, but in turn, has created a time consuming and manual filtering process for a hiring company.

Online recruitment

Online recruitment methods have allowed us to streamline the entire process through integration, algorithms and smart filtering options.

The versatility of online platforms allow more options for both businesses and job seekers regarding applications, searchability and relevant opportunities. This in turn can be cost saving for both job seekers and businesses.

Online recruitment versus traditional recruitment: For job seekers

Two of the major barriers job seekers in South Africa face are the high cost of job applications and the accessibility to job opportunities - both directly linked to recruitment practices.

Studies have shown that job seekers can pay up to R609 per month on job applications, due to printing and travel costs.

However, sustainable online job platforms are creating a more conscious approach to the job seeking narrative by means of greater access to more relevant opportunities, at a low to zero application cost. Online platforms eliminate the need for the printing and transport costs connected to a traditional job application. Other benefits include guided CV creation, query options and simplified communication with hiring companies.

Statistics show that a staggering 3,4 million people have become discouraged work seekers in South Africa. It could be argued that if more affordable job seeking options are available with greater access to more relevant job opportunities, fewer could become discouraged.

The only possible difficulty online platforms pose to job seekers is reliable access to internet. However, most online application options are optimised for mobile use and can be used for job applications. It is estimated that about 20 to 22 million people in South Africa use a smartphone with mobile internet access, which accounts for about one-third of our country’s population.

For those with no home access to internet, wifi hotspots and internet café's are still a viable option. Even when considering the cost of data, online platforms and applications can still be argued as more cost effective than printing and dropping off paper CVs.

Online recruitment versus traditional recruitment: For businesses

Online platforms and recruitment tools allow for greater flexibility in your recruitment needs.

Tailoring what online recruitment tools offer to your specific process needs is a major benefit in terms of progression and a streamlined process. Online options can also allow you greater visibility on the following fronts:

Filtering and screening options

Candidates who move through the same application process will not only standardise your applications but will allow you to use filtering options to help you identify relevant candidates quicker. Depending on your platform, screening assessments on applications are at the forefront of relevant candidate identification, which can help shorten your recruitment process and set you up for a successful hire.

Candidate reach

An online application approach gives you a larger visibility options and in turn a wider candidate scope. Marketing efforts and online sharing efforts can help you reach more talent. In this sense, your recruitment can also form part of your larger business and marketing strategy.

Apart from external sharing, link tracking can also be used for internal referrals and managing your existing structure.

Some online platforms, like JOBJACK’s entry-level platform, allow you to explore all of these options from one singular source. This can greatly improve the productivity of your recruitment process and in turn save your company admin and recruitment costs, resulting in a positive return on investment.

The responsibility of conscious recruitment

South Africa’s high unemployment rate cannot be addressed by one party alone. We need to work together in order to make a change.

Educating both job seekers and employers on the best job seeking practices, and what online options have to offer can create greater recruitment scope for both: job seekers have access to a more affordable and accessible job seeking option and businesses can increase their recruitment productivity and success rate.