Top 5 recruitment trends for 2023


By Dané Viljoen on Wed Jan 04 2023

A new year presents the opportunity to refresh and restart processes both internally and externally. Here’s how you can set your recruitment up for success this year:

The digital shift

Some businesses have not made the shift from traditional recruitment methods to online recruitment. 2023 is the best time to move to an online recruitment solution, like JOBJACK, to give you the opportunity of an optimised process. Have a look at the full comparison of online recruitment and traditional recruitment here.

Online platforms will not only help you to manage your recruitment more effectively but will help efficiently move candidates through the recruitment pipeline. It will also give your business more opportunities for customising your recruitment as well as adding existing features or third-party plug-ins.

Automation and streamlining of manual tasks also holds a major cost in benefit due to less time spent on recruitment.

Employer branding and improving the candidate experience

The candidate’s application experience has always been significant, however, most businesses are now starting to take an active consideration of how they are perceived in the application process and how it affects their employer brand. Your recruitment should be treated as an extension of your brand, not a byproduct.

A conscious approach to the candidate’s application process will help your business to create an engaging and positive first experience for a potential new hire. Even if the candidate is ultimately unsuccessful in their application, a user-centric application process will no doubt still leave a positive impression and potential for advocacy in the future.

This conscious approach to the candidate’s application experience will also be beneficial to the relevance of your application requirements. Only adding the necessary requirements for a position will help eliminate any irrelevant and possible admin-heavy processes for both parties, resulting in a sorter application and filtering process.

Mobile-friendly strategy

Job searching happens right from a phone, so why shouldn’t applications?

Don’t lose out on potential candidates because of a lacking mobile strategy. Most people have an on-the-go mentality, and take that approach to job applications too.

If you want to ensure you have a mobile-friendly strategy for the candidate’s application process, make sure your online platform is designed with mobile users in mind.

Data-centric recruitment

The numbers don’t lie; with an online recruitment solution, you can optimise as you go.

Knowing how long your process takes, especially which parts are the most time consuming, will give you insight into where to improve. Is the screening process on the first candidate batch too long? Add screening questions or test for every candidate application to shorten your waiting time and broaden your relevant talent pool. Multiple interviews making candidates fall out? Change your interview strategy and success rate.

Online recruitment platforms can give you the option of seeing details reports of different elements of your recruitment process, and not just the outcome. Tracking the outcome of your recruitment is important, but the data in between will show you where to optimise your strategy.

Increased employee retention

Employee retention is important to keep in mind when you are doing your recruitment. Using the best filtering and prescreening methods to determine the right skill and personality match for your vacancy is a good way to keep long term retention in mind.

Building up your current employee’s careers through a set internal recruitment structure is a great way to show loyaty towards your current employees and show potential new hires the growth and career opportunities at your company.