How to structure and maximise your online recruitment

Recruitment should be seen as a necessary business function that forms an integral part of a company’s success. As with any other business function, you need to assess where a process can be improved.


By Dané Meyer on Thu May 12 2022

Traditional recruitment methods such as manual CV sorting and filtering have become outdated and a major POPIA risk with the personal information disclosed in the sent CVs. Technology has allowed for an overall better recruitment experience and outcome management.

Moving all of your recruitment to a singular online platform will not only allow you to manage your recruitment better, but you will be able to track progress and outcomes accurately.

Here’s how you can structure your move to online recruitment and make sure you get the most out of it:

Select the Right Online Platform

Once you have made the decision to shift to an online and technology-driven recruitment process, you need to identify what you will need from your platform. This may differ from company to company and will depend on the type of jobs you will post and the candidates you are interested in.

Some of the recruitment needs that you need to consider are elements like prescreening capabilities, candidate management, marketing and sharing capabilities, sorting, filtering and scheduling options.

When you have identified your needs, it is important to do research on recruitment platforms that will be able to accommodate all of the elements you require. It is important to look at existing platform capabilities and integration options if you already have some online systems in place that you would like to continue using.

JOBJACK, for example, has various prescreening element options, from job specific questions to checks and customisable tests on the job application.

Identify the Key Individuals in Your Recruitment Process

Even though an online recruitment platform will manage the majority of your process, human elements are still needed, especially when it comes to final decision making.

By identifying your key individuals and decision makers in your recruitment process, you can further streamline your process by knowing when which individuals are required to add manual input. In comparison, these individuals can be limited to the necessary minimum to avoid any delays.

Utilise Recruitment Marketing Opportunities

Online platforms allow you to share your job opportunities online, directly to your company’s social media platforms or website. This is a great feature to have to strengthen your company image with branded job boards, but also to create a wider reach of candidates.

Your employer brand can also be one of your biggest assests in finding your perfect candidate, sharing capabilities can allow for current employee shares and advocacy and a streamlined candidate conscious recruitment process can have a lasting impression.

Manage Candidates

One of the biggest benefits of an online recruitment platform is managing your applications. Traditional methods were lacking in bulk candidate management, due to the process being very time-consuming. With an online platform, the more applications, the better!

Now your identified key individuals will be able to manage applications, most likely with an Applicant Tracking System, throughout the recruitment process. This can even be sectioned into different stages so that if more candidates are needed, you can work back to the larger applications pool.

Prescreening Elements

The more of your prescreening you can add to your online recruitment the better. Anything that doesn’t require a personal judgement call can be automated, this can include job specific questions and even tests needed as part of the application.

If you are already using specific companies for tests or any extra checks like criminal and credit checks, you will need a platform that allows for integration.

Filters are also a great way to make prescreening and sorting your applications as effective as possible.

Online Interview Scheduling

Continue your application management by communicating and scheduling interviews with candidates through your online platform. Arrange your interviews directly through your online platform to make the application process for the candidates as cohesive as possible.

Having the functionality to schedule interviews directly will also help you track outcomes and create better reflective reporting.

Automated Responses

Automated and the option of large grouped responses is an added bonus of online recruitment. This should allow you to bulk respond to candidates on their applications, through various stages.