A number of factors are linked to South Africa’s high unemployment rate: the cost of job applications, accessibility to available positions and the relevance of candidates to vacancies. JOBJACK was created as a single solution to these problems.


By Dané Meyer on Mon Mar 28 2022

Launched in 2018, JOBJACK was created as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. Our co-founders realised, after organising waitering jobs for friends and family, that there is a need for a singular platform where job seekers can find available positions.

This concept grew once they realised that there is no recruitment solution in the entry-level job space.

JOBJACK is an online platform for entry-level positions, focusing on posting jobs that require no tertiary education. By staying up to date with technology we have created an easy to use platform for users to register, creating a JOBJACK profile for them and giving them access to apply for positions in their area. Companies have the same option to register on the JOBJACK platform and post their available positions - giving them access to reliable and relevant candidates.

JOBJACK's Vision

Established in South Africa, JOBJACK’s vision is ultimately to employ the world. JOBJACK is successfully growing within South Africa and we are eager to branch out.

JOBJACK’s Mission

JOBJACK aspires to become the global marketplace for entry-level jobs. By becoming the go-to platform for jobseekers and businesses alike, we create easy access to more relevant candidates and jobs.

JOBJACK's Values

At JOBJACK, we have 5 core values that we implement in our work environment:

SMILE: Serving Many through Innovation Love and Excellence

Back yourself

The JOBJACK PACK is a choice

Our favourite time is now

Better - not bitter


We believe that every hardworking and honest person deserves a chance to improve their life and we believe that JOBJACK will be the solution to help Employ the World.

The JOBJACK team works hard to build and create a platform that serves as the connection between companies and job seekers. Not only can we helo job seekers with a afforable and accessible jobs platform, we also create a streamlined way for hiring companies to do their recruitment. Our platform's powerful features facilitates one cohesive recruitment solution.