How the JOBJACK Applicant Tracking System helps your recruitment

JOBJACK's Applicant Tracking system solves one of the biggest challenges concerning the employment process: keeping track of candidates during different stages of your recruitment. From our Employer platform you will be able to manage, screen and schedule your candidates from job posting to hire.


By Herman Boock on Thu Mar 24 2022

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for short, is an automated software tool that keeps track of the candidate information within your recruitment process. This powerful organisation guides you through the candidate journey from application to hire. JOBJACK has created its own Applicant Tracking System that is used in every job posted on the platform and can be expanded for more complex hiring hierarchies or simplified for a quick once-off job.

How JOBJACK’s Applicant Tracking System Works

Posting your positions on JOBJACK

Once the job posting is approved, thousands of possible candidates will be able to view and apply.

Depending on how the job was posted, there might be screening questions and specific requirements for the candidate prior to applying.

Candidates who successfully apply for the position are moved into the ‘Applicants’ phase.

Sorting candidates

Here you can apply advanced filters and make use of our candidate algorithm to identify possible candidates.

These candidates can then be moved to the next phase, usually the ‘Shortlist’. At the Shortlist phase, more features can be utilised to ensure the correct candidates get invited for an interview.

Here we can do Credit Checks, Risk Assessments, Tests and more filtering.

Once the person managing the process is happy to proceed with an interview, they can move the candidate over to the interview section.

Interviewing Candidates

In the interview section, multiple interviews can be scheduled at once, including phone interviews.

Once the interview details are added to the interview scheduler, candidates receive interview request notifications and can accept their requests online. Once candidates have selected their timeslots, they will be displayed on the interview window.

As soon as interviews are complete, multiple interview outcomes, ranging from ‘Failed Interview’, ‘Did not pitch’ and ‘Appointed’ are available to select from. In each of the above-mentioned phases one can easily see all the candidates and their status, either being Applicant, Rejected or Revoked.

Each step of the flow is saved as an event in our system. These events then get used to analyze the job posted and inspect how the process can be improved to ensure the correct flow is followed and to increase candidates’ success rate.

Clients also have the option to receive detailed reports in various formats that can assist with clear visibility into their internal processes and highlight possible bottlenecks.

JOBJACK is always building and improving our systems by engaging with clients and implementing steps in the ATS that caters to their needs. We recently added an additional interview outcome called ‘Waitlisted’ where candidates that passed the requirements get moved to when the position is filled. This allows for employers to gain quick access to candidates who went through the process already and passed.