JOBJACK's vision to Employ the World

JOBJACK is an online platform for entry-level jobs. Our vision for JOBJACK is to help Employ the World, as we believe that every hardworking and honest person deserves a job. With our job platform, we have created an easy to use solution for both job seekers and employers.


By Dané Meyer on Thu Mar 24 2022

Job Seekers

South Africa is currently struggling with a very high unemployment rate. We are focusing on helping our fellow job seeking South Africans, by creating a platform that aims to eliminate two of the most prominent barriers in job seeking: affordability and accessibility.

Studies show that the average job seeker can spend up to R900,00 on finding a job. These costs include printing, transport and data costs. The second barrier, tying in with the former, is accessibility. Job seekers don’t have access to relevant jobs in their surrounding areas. Some might be dropping off paper CVs at businesses that aren’t even hiring (also wasting all of the money they have spent).

JOBJACK’s platform solves both these issues. Our platform allows job seekers to register for free and fill in their details to get a generated JOBJACK CV or profile. Our platform is designed so that job seekers will automatically see job postings from companies in their surrounding areas based on what they have specified on their profiles.

All job applications can be made from a smartphone or a family or friend’s borrowed phone. To assist with affordability, we have partnered with some service providers to give job seekers a data-free solution for job seeking. With an all-digital platform, job seekers only need to arrange for transportation when attending an in-person interview.


Our platform is a major benefit to any business needing entry-level recruitment. JOBJACK’s platform allows your business to streamline the entry-level recruitment process through powerful tools like our Applicant Tracking System, filtering questions and curated candidate tests.

We understand the need for a recruitment process that pays off in the long run for a company’s cost and turnover rate.

At JOBJACK, we want to reach our goal of helping to Employ the World, and companies looking to hire can help us do that. Not only will JOBJACK be able to improve the entry-level recruitment process of a business by adding their available positions to our database, but they can also help with creating better accessibility for job seekers.