How to stay motivated during your job search
How to stay motivated during your job search
By Dané Meyer on May 24th 2021
By Dané Meyer on May 24th 2021

Job searching can turn into a long process when there are recruiters, waiting periods and interview stages involved. However, by structuring your part in the job searching process you can keep yourself search ready and motivated to find the opportunity you are looking for.


Before you start applying to jobs, it is important to have a critical look at the information, skills, and platforms you will be using in your application process.

Make sure that your CV is filled in accurately with all the relevant information that you need. Confirm that there are no gaps in your work history, your education, and personal information. It is also important to assess the hard and soft skills that you have, and which of these would be beneficial to include for potential employers.

Most importantly, make sure your contact details are updated and correct.

Get an outside perspective

Once you have completed and compiled your information it is important to get an outside perspective from a family member, friend, or previous colleague. Ask them to go over the information that you are using for your applications.

Getting an outside perspective may help you to find mistakes or information that can be structured differently and can ultimately help you in your job search.

Applying to relevant jobs

When you are looking at jobs to apply for, make sure that you are reading the requirements of a job carefully. Only apply to jobs that you meet requirements for, this will spare you from having unnecessary unsuccessful applications that may discourage you at a later stage.

Some job posts are more open to a variety of applicants but some have non-negotiable requirements.

Dedicate time

You need to structure your job searching by allocating time for applications. By having a specific time dedicated to your applications you can have a targeted focus.

This will also allow you to take some time off when you are not in the dedicated timeframe. It is easy to get discouraged when you spend all of your time on applications and not taking a break.


When you aren’t applying to jobs, it would be a good idea to upskill yourself. If you ever wanted to learn new skills, now is the time! The new skills you learn might even help you in your next applications, especially if you start upskilling specific recurring requirements.

You can also work on bettering your current skills.

Support system

Having a great support system to give you an extra boost when you feel a bit demotivated will make a big difference. Besides family and friends, you can also turn to job groups and your fellow job seekers.