JOBJACK Journey: Celebrating three years
JOBJACK Journey: Celebrating three years
By JOBJACK on Feb 4th 2021
By JOBJACK on Feb 4th 2021

Over the course of three years, JOBJACK has grown into a company that has made strides in bettering the entry-level recruitment space for both job seekers and employees.

The journey has not always been easy, but with a growth mindset and a willingness to succeed we are still moving forward.

Our co-founders, Christiaan van den Berg and Heine Bellingan share a bit of their JOBJACK journey.

How did you envision JOBJACK three years down the line versus what it looks like now?

Heine: We started off building a platform for once-off jobs focused on students. Now JOBJACK has 180,000+ unemployed job seekers who are finding permanent jobs on JOBJACK. In summary - a positive change!

Christiaan: Definitely further down the growth line than it currently is, although, back then we were new to the world of startups, tech, and HR. Considering the learning curve and setbacks we have experienced, including a global pandemic that has frozen the economy, we are very blessed to have grown as much as we have and could not be happier with where we are and where we are headed.

What has been the biggest challenge since starting JOBJACK?

Heine: Changing the way clients are used to doing things to a way which is ten times better. #JOBJACK

Christiaan: many challenges, how to pick the biggest one. Probably getting through COVID-19 lockdown - it proved to hit us in more ways than we thought and keeping our clients, investors and team confident was quite the challenge, but through grace, we overcame and are heading in the right direction even as we steer through another current lockdown.

What has been the greatest success at JOBJACK?

Heine: Looking at our list of people who find jobs increase every month!

Christiaan: Most definitely the jobs we were able to provide to over 1,000 job seekers up to this point.

What are you most excited about for JOBJACK’s future?

Heine: All of the problems still left to solve in the entry-level recruitment space.

Christiaan: Besides providing more jobs for more people in South Africa, we are very excited about the expansion of our solution to companies.

What has been the most surprising part of JOBJACK’s journey?

Heine: The wonderful friends I have made. The JOBJACK Pack is a family.

Christiaan: Definitely the slow adoption from employers, we did not expect companies, especially SME's to be so fixed on the old, paper way of recruiting - but we are slowly breaking through to show them the new cost and time effective way of hiring the right people.

Any advice you would give your former self when starting JOBJACK and for those wanting to start their own business?

Heine: Be patient. Rome was not built in a day.

Christiaan: Don't be afraid to start. If you are not ashamed/embarrassed by your MVP (minimum viable product) then you waited too long to release to market. Also, very important, do not be intimidated, not by clients or investors. You are learning and building something new - there is no shame in not knowing everything - don't be afraid of being vulnerable about this.

Final thoughts

Heine: We placed our first people with disabilities through the JOBJACK Platform last month at McDonald's in Gugulethu. What a joy in seeing a company open up to the possibility of employing people with disabilities and actually follow through. Be expectant of more in this space!

Christiaan: Through this journey, one of the most precious gifts to me has been the team members that we have brought on-board this amazing journey. I have come to admire and appreciate each JOBJACK Pack member so very much in their individual way. It has been an incredible privilege to take on our mission to Employ the World with this family.