5 Benefits of outsourcing your recruitment
5 Benefits of outsourcing your recruitment
By Dané Meyer on Jan 26th 2021
By Dané Meyer on Jan 26th 2021

Hiring the right staff for your company has a direct impact on a number of aspects of your companies’ performance, work quality and overall success. However, finding the right people can prove challenging and can require a lot of resources.

By outsourcing the majority of your recruitment process, while still being part of the important decisions, is the most beneficial for your company and here’s why:


The biggest benefit of outsourcing your recruitment process would be the amount of time and effort saved.

Your time is valuable and to get the most out of it, you need to spend it on the important decisions only. By outsourcing, the bulk of the process is done for you - posting the position, sourcing and finding relevant candidates take up the majority of the recruitment process and is generally the most time-consuming. By having this element outsourced you get to spend your time only on looking at the most suitable candidates.

Relevant candidates

By adding minimum requirements, for example, the correct location or experience, it will eliminate candidates who don’t fit the criteria and create a relevant pool of candidates that will be easier to work through.

Through outsourcing, you can completely skip doing the filtering yourself. (Online recruitment is especially well adapted and can allow you to add filters for a more efficient process.)

By looking at more specific candidates, you will be able to access only candidates that could be a potential fit for your company.

Fast-tracking applications

If you have a more specific candidate in mind, you can fast track a lot of applications by requesting candidates who only fit your specific requirements.

The more specific your requirements, the more relevant your candidates are most likely to be and will allow you to only invest your time in them. This will allow you the opportunity to conduct more in-depth research and interview rounds.

Involvement scale

This is the biggest luxury of outsourcing recruitment, you get to decide your involvement within the process. You can either be part of the more labour intensive process where you can see multiple rounds of candidates and be part of the decision process from beginning to end.

Or you can have a streamlined service that not only sends you candidates meeting your requirements but also makes arrangements on your behalf.