Looking back at 2020
Looking back at 2020
By JOBJACK on Dec 7th 2020
By JOBJACK on Dec 7th 2020

2020 might be one of the most important years to have a retrospective look at not only a company’s ability to adapt but also to appreciate progression throughout the year.

As the majority of businesses experienced new challenges with the implementation of the National Lockdown, our team was no different.

Sales and Marketing

Moving into the lockdown, the first thing we did was a check-in with previous and prospective clients to assure our continued support and service, however, the lockdown affected the majority of our client’s recruitment processes. We realised that we needed to pivot by placing a larger focus on the ability and possibility of our technology and platform.

Up to this point, we had realised that spreading the word of our services over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is easily dwarfed by the results of direct email sales approaches. But as our market decreased and our reach needed to spread wider we needed a more effective way to market our niche product. This led to an active approach to connecting with channel partners.

Though this is something we had known of and tried in a more conservative way, it had become apparent that not only is there more product confidence in a familiar introduction, but scores more people were feeling the effect of our shrunken economy and needed an alternative income source - so began our attempt at creating a self-sustaining sales-force that created a benefit for all parties involved. From personal relationships to current clients and industry leaders, we have found major advances through this sales and marketing approach as it strengthens both brand confidence and network spread.

Tech and the JOBJACK Platform

The lockdown period gave us time to refine our product.

This included the Applicant Tracking System, analytics and operational features. We also managed to add some new features such as Link Tracking and integration with WhatsApp. We are also exploring new avenues to broaden the range of our services:
We established JOBJACK Grad, which is a platform for graduates looking for employment and bursary opportunities.
We added a skilled job section to better look after the needs of our clients and to create the option for more job opportunities on the platform.

The development team managed to maintain a high level of collaboration despite working remotely. Even though we have a small development team they are close knit and dedicated to delivering excellence.


During Level 5 of the National Lockdown, 95% of JOBJACK’s clients informed us that their recruitment would be halted until further notice. From an Operational point of view, the tasks that were normally completed on a daily basis also came to a standstill. Apart from managing a handful of clients who served as essential service providers, the Operations team had to find new direction.

The team used this opportunity to research ways to not only improve our product offering, identify channel partners and increase capacity at scale but also discover ways to add more value to our users. The Operations team, working in sync with the Developers, made vast improvements to the Location API, Admin System and Applicant Tracking System while also introducing innovative solutions and features to address problems identified during this time.
After securing a partnership with PEP to rollout to over 600 stores nationally the Operations Team and the JOBJACK platform were finally given the opportunity to test the product at scale. The national roll-out of Hungry Lion, Food Lover’s Market and many other clients have identified the importance of continued and consistent development to the platform.

As JOBJACK continues to progress, we strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients while offering a unique and valuable experience to our users, who form the heart of our platform. We as a team look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us in 2021.