How to optimise your profile and CV information
How to optimise your profile and CV information
By Dané Meyer on Oct 15th 2020
By Dané Meyer on Oct 15th 2020

As an online platform, we have streamlined the process of CV creation by generating a CV from the information on your online profile. By taking away the format and structure stress of a CV, you can focus on the most important part: Your information.

Adding the correct and appropriate information to your online profile and CV is very important, here are some suggestions to keep in mind when adding your information to your profile:

Basic Information

Your basic information is the introduction to your profile and should reflect the relevant information about you such as your name, location, date of birth and your employment status.

Contact details

Included in your basic information is your contact details, make sure this information is correct and up to date, otherwise, employers will not be able to reach you.
When you send out applications it is important that you keep an eye on the platform and keep your phone close so as to not miss contact from an employer.


All levels of education are important and you need to make sure that you have listed them correctly. Start by adding your basic education and the highest level you have completed. If you have a tertiary education, add the name of the institution, field of study as well as the year of completion.

Remember to add any training courses and certificates that you have completed. If you are currently still studying or completing training, indicate it on your profile.

Work Experience

List your previous work experience by clearly adding your job title, the company name and the timeframe of your employment. If possible, list a few of the responsibilities of this position – this will give an employer more insight into your role in the company.

If you are a first-time job seeker with no previous work experience, don’t panic! In this case, you will place a larger focus on your description, skills, goals and achievements section in your profile so that future employers can see your potential and how you can fit into the role that you are applying for.


Your skills can be divided into equally important sections: Hard skills and soft skills

Hard Skills

Hard skills can be defined as your technical skills or skills that you have received training for. These skills can include computer skills, program or application knowledge, inventory knowledge etc.

Soft Skills

Soft skills relate to your interpersonal skills such as your time management abilities, public speaking, problem-solving or teamwork abilities. These are personal skills that can be seen as a positive or productive skill that you can use in the workplace.

Goals and Achievements

You can be selective when mentioning your goals and achievements on your profile. It would be wise to add any work or academic-related goals or previous achievements that you may have and that can add to your value as a candidate.

Should you not have any previous work experience, you will most likely have the opportunity to expand on this section.


Adding previous work achievements such as being awarded employee of the month or being promoted in your previous workplace can show an employer the potential you have as a committed hard worker.

If you have any outstanding sport, academic or cultural achievements you can also add this to your profile. Adding some of these achievements gives more personal insight to you as a candidate and can count in your favour should your achievement align with the hiring company’s values, interests or products.


Adding some of your work or personal related goals to your profile can create the same favour as your achievements, should they align with the hiring company’s values, brand or product.
It is important to be selective about your goals and achievements – add the most noteworthy achievements and goals that you have, do not let it overshadow the rest of your profile information.

Once you have completed your profile or CV, the most important part is to proofread all of your information before submitting.
By keeping your information updated and organised you can keep your profile and CV a step above the rest.